Intro - Installation

Included in this section is a checklist of things to review before installing SiteFX. This will insure that your installation goes smoothly and you are up and running immediately.

Intro – Installation – System Components

The SiteFX installation files are available to the user in two ways:

1.        On the SiteFX System CD (CDROM)

2.        As a download from the EarthFX website

In either case, the installation file is exactly the same.

SiteFX also has a demo mode that contains some limitations (e.g. the number of locations that can be added) allowing you to experiment with the software. 

Intro – Installation – Hardware Platform and Network

The optimal system is largely dependent on the size of the database (predominately the number of locations and amount of time-based data) and whether the database is to be stored on a local drive or on a network server.  It is best to discuss with EarthFX directly to determine your requirements. Briefly, the factors affecting SiteFX performance are:

Local CPU*

Local RAM*

Local Hard Drive Space

Network Speed*

Server CPU

Server RAM

Server Hard Drive Space

* These are the main factors that affect performance of SiteFX.

Intro – Installation – Operating System

SiteFX has been testing on the following operating systems:

Windows XP (32 and 64 bit)

Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit)

Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)

All Windows Service Packs and Updates should be installed.

Intro – Installation – Additional Software Requirements

Microsoft Access - Required

A full installation of MS Access is required in order to use SiteFX, even if you plan to work with a SQL Server database.  In addition, all options and components (e.g., data access components) should be installed to ensure that all of SiteFX’s features will function. It is also recommended that all of the latest Office and Windows service packs/patches be installed.

SiteFX has been tested with the following versions of Microsoft Access.

Access 2003 Service Pack 3

Access 2007 Service Pack 2

Microsoft Excel - Optional

Certain tables, reports and graphs can be output to Excel if Excel is installed.

SQL Server - Optional

Access to SQL Server is required only if you wish to store your data in a SQL Server database. SQL Server can either be installed locally to your PC or elsewhere on your network.

SiteFX has been tested with the following versions of SQL Server.

SQL Server 2005 (Express and Full)

SQL Server 2008 (Express and Full)

Please ensure that latest service packs and patches have been applied.

Intro – Installation – Before You Install

Check the SiteFXReadMe.txt File

The SiteFXReadMe.txt file can be viewed with the Windows Notepad.exe program.

Before proceeding, look at the “SiteFXReadMe.txt” notes on the CD or website. This file may contain updated program information that was not available when your version of SiteFX was created or when this manual was created. If you cannot find the SiteFX readme file, there is nothing to note with that particular version of SiteFX.


Notes for Upgrades

Do not attempt to upgrade SiteFX while an older version of SiteFX is running

Note: Prior to upgrading from a previous version of SiteFX, as a precaution, please ensure that your database is backed up. See Backing Up Databases section in this manual.

Administrator Privileges

On certain Windows operating systems and configurations the user must have administrator privileges to install software. Administrator privileges are granted when a certain username and password are entered when Windows starts.

If you try to install SiteFX when administrator privileges are required, but don’t have them with your user account, you will receive error messages pertaining to certain components of SiteFX not registering properly. You will need to obtain the correct username and password from your IT group and then reinstall SiteFX.

Microsoft Access and Database Format

To date, SiteFX has been tested and is compatible with Access 2000 through Access 2007.  Note that the user’s Access database can have a different version than the version of Access that is being used. For example, Access 2003 can be used with an Access 2000 format database. The main reason for this is to allow users to easily share databases among users running potentially different versions of Microsoft Access. On the other hand, an Access 2003 database cannot be used with Access 2000. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to upgrade the database format you are using.

Access 2007 Considerations

Note that while SiteFX is currently compatible with Access 2007, the database should be maintained in Access 2000 or 2003 format. In Access 2007 Microsoft has changed the file extension from .mdb to .accdb. This extension change will be compatible in future releases of SiteFX. Note that databases with the .mdb format can still be opened in Access 2007.

Intro – Installation – Performing the Installation

The installation of SiteFX is fully automated.  To begin the installation:

From CD

With the computer booted into Windows, insert the CD. On some CD’s an installation menu will appear automatically.  This menu will direct you to the options you should select.

If the installation menu does not appear, navigate to the CD using Windows Explorer. Locate the file called setup.exe or SiteFXsetup.exe and double click on it.

From Website

Go to the website and location the SiteFX download (the download location should be obvious once you visit the website). It is typically better to download the file first rather than attempt to ‘Run’ or ‘Open’ the file directly from the website.

The file that you download from the website needs to be executed in order to place the SiteFX program files on your computer. To execute the downloaded file, locate the file and double click on it.

Installation Options

Once the installation begins, you will be given an opportunity to change the default setup settings. Unless you are comfortable changing these settings, just hit the next through each of the setup steps.

Intro – Installation – Network Installations

At this time, SiteFX cannot be installed directly on a network. Note that there are other versions of SiteFX that can be installed on a server and automatically deployed to workstations. If you are interested in this system, please contact EarthFX.

Intro – Installation – Web / Internet Installations

EarthFX can remotely host your SiteFX and database and allow you users to contact from any internet location. For more information on this product, please contact EarthFX.