Concepts – Using the Excel Starter File to Load Location Information

Concepts – Using the Excel Starter File to Load Location Information - Overview

Adding multiple locations from Spreadsheet 

Multiple locations on a spreadsheet can be added to the database through a data loading form.  If the spreadsheet is in a special format, the form will automatically recognize that this is location data, and will prompt you to automatically append to the database. You can view this format in the spreadsheet called “new locations for db.xls”.

If a spreadsheet of locations is not in a similar format to the example file, they can still be uploaded, but the appropriate fields will need to be mapped to the corresponding database field so that they append to the correct field.

Tutorial: Adding Multiple Locations from a Spreadsheet

Goal: Use a supplied spreadsheet to load new locations into the database.

The supplied spreadsheet for this tutorial should be supplied by the instructor and appear similar to the following file.


Note: Because only 2 location have Yes in the Append column, only these 2 locations will be appended to the database.

Open the data loader by pressing the Load Data File button under the Temporal Data heading on the Menu (or by selecting Temporal Data > Load Data File… from the menu bar).

Press the Load File button and navigate to the file new locations for db.xls. The messages, as shown in the figure below, will appear.


Press Yes to append your locations. The following message appears.

The following dialog will then appear:


Press the Yes button.

Open the Browse & Search form.

Press Show All and confirm that the new locations have been added to the database.

Note: The new locations were added to Site 88. Since Site 88 didn’t originally exist in this database, SiteFX auto created it. An existing site name could have been used if desired.