Sampling Programs - Chain of Custodies

Sampling Programs – Chain of Custodies – Overview

Tool Location: Sampling Programs > Sample Collection > Finalize Chain of Custody (button on form)


Feature currently not utilized.

Once the samples have been collected and registered (either as scheduled or unscheduled samples), they are ready to be shipped to the laboratory for analysis.  This is done using the Chain of Custody tool that prints a list for the laboratory of the sample names and required analyses as well as creates an electronic file that can be used by some labs or for personal record keeping.  The list serves as the legal documentation and proof of the date the samples were sent.


Chain of Custody form

Sampling Programs – Chain of Custodies - Creating Chain of Custody Documentation


Feature currently not utilized.

1.        Select the required laboratory from the list as well as other details that will appear on the chain of custody form.

Note: Only laboratories set up by the user in the Laboratories form will be displayed.  In addition, at least one sample in the chain of custody list must use an analytical package from that lab for the lab to appear. The Sampled By and Send Results To lists are generated from the Staff form. The comments and notes can be selected or simply typed in.  (Predefined notes come from Chain of Custody Notes tool).

2.        Select samples by clicking the check box for each sample that is to be included on this chain of custody (the Select All and Un-Select All buttons can also be used).

3.        Press the Create Chain button.  The chain of custody is created and any selected samples are removed from the bottom half of the form. Note – the chain of custody is not printed right away.

4.        To Print the CC, press the Print button. A preview of the paper copy of the sample information, including space for custody signatures, will appear. An example of this form is shown below.


Example Hard Copy Chain of Custody produced by SiteFX

5.        If electronic Excel copy of the chain of custody information is required, press the File button.  Some labs can use this file so that sample details can be transferred into the lab system instead of re-typed (which introduces transcriptions errors).

Note – if a mistake is noticed after the CC has been created, you can toggle the CC status from ‘shipped’ to ‘revoked’.  This will allow you to make the desired changes and the create a new chain  (with the Create Chain button).

Note – Some sample details can be changed right on the Chain of Custody form. For example, Sample Date can still be changed, since the sample has not been shipped out yet. Samples can also be cancelled.