Sampling Programs - Unscheduled Samples

Sampling Programs – Unscheduled Samples -Overview

Tool Location: Sampling Program > Sample Collection


Feature currently not utilized.

There may be a need to collect samples that are not part of a scheduled program, and are therefore unscheduled.  Sometimes entire sampling programs are registered as ‘unscheduled’ samples.   These samples are registered in the system using the Unscheduled mode of the sample collection form.


Unscheduled Sample form

Sampling Programs – Unscheduled Samples -Adding Unscheduled Samples


Feature currently not utilized.

1.        Open the Sample Collection form, and switch from Scheduled model to Unscheduled mode (done near the top left corner)

2.        Select one of the entries list under Type (in top left corner).

Note – the last entry is Field Blank, Trip Blank, Dup or New. Selecting this option brings up a special tool for adding one of this specific types of samples.

3.        From the list of Sampling Points, choose one or more locations.

Note: If the sampling point you wish to use is not on the list, add the interval using the Location Management > Location Explorer form and then return to this form. You can also add new location using the Field Blank, Trip Blank, Dup or New entry, but new users do not get as much guidance as with the Location Explorer tool.

4.        Select one or more test packages from the list.

5.        Press the Select Samples button. If you have these options on, field forms and/or bottle labels will be printed.

Note: The list of packages is generated from the Laboratories form (see the Laboratories section for more information). The Unscheduled Samples form may need to be closed and re-opened to update the list of packages if changes to the laboratory packages have been made during the current working session.

6.        When sample collection details are known, press Register Sample. See the section of the manual called Registered Collected Samples for more details.