Sampling Programs - Registering Collected Samples


Feature currently not utilized.

Once the samples have been collected, it is necessary to register them back into the system.  This allows the system to ‘know’ that the sample has been collected, or was unable to be collected.

There are 2 modes of registering samples, depending on whether you wish to enter details of the sampling (such as water level, development volume etc.) at this point in time.


Mode 1 – No additional details required – All Sample Locations listed


Mode 2 – Additional Details Required – One sample location listed at a time

Mode 1 Sample Registration

1.        Press the Register Samples button.

2.        For each sample, click the Collected? check box, or choose a reason for discarding the sample. Comments and sample time can also be entered. Sample date can be modified if necessary.

Note: You can edit the Sample Name if necessary by clicking on it.

Mode 2 Sample Registration

1.        Select the sample location you wish to register and press the Register Samples button. 

2.        For each sample, type in the pertinent field information (water levels, temperature, development volumes etc.), plus the date and time the sample was collected. 

3.        The lower half of the form lists each sample bottle that was originally scheduled for this sampling.  For each sample bottle, it is necessary to indicate if it was collected (properly filled) or discarded (lack of water etc).  Samples marked as collected will now be available to the chain of custody tool.

Note: that it is important to set the status of all samples as either Collected or Discarded, as the sample will otherwise remain in the system.