Intro - Viewing and Printing this Document

This entire document is available in both printed form and as an electronic help file. To access the file from SiteFX, simply choose Help from the main menu or tool bar. The document is also available on the CDROM in Adobe PDF format and can be accessed through the EarthFX Website.

Note that there are several different users of SiteFX and therefore several different versions. On occasion, you may find a reference in this document or component of SiteFX that does not apply to your version.

Note: If you are viewing this document as a pdf, earlier versions of the Adobe Reader (eg. version 3 and 4) do not show screenshots/graphics well on screen, but will print them normally. If you are viewing the pdf document frequently, try upgrading to the latest version (version 6 or higher) so that the SiteFX screenshots will appear sharper.