Sampling Programs - Staff

Sampling Programs - Staff - Overview

Tool Location: Sampling > Program Set-Up> Staff


Feature currently not utilized.

This tool is used to enter a list of staff (first name, last name, phone number, email and address) who are involved with the sampling program.  These names are made available to the user throughout the program, to indicate, for example, the individual who collected the sample, or where results should be sent.

Names can be edited, deleted or added. 

Sampling Programs - Staff - Notes/Tips

The staff form can be resized by dragging the bottom (or top) of the form

Sampling Programs - Staff - Adding New Staff

New names are added simply by pressing the Add button at the bottom of the form.

Sampling Programs - Staff - Removing Staff From List

Press delete button.  You will receive a confirmation message asking whether you are sure you wish to delete the record. Choose Yes to delete.

Sampling Programs - Staff - Editing Staff Names

Place the mouse pointer in the box of the name you wish to edit and begin typing. Any changes will be saved immediately.