Sampling Programs

Sampling Programs - Introduction

The sampling program management tools have been prepared to assist in the scheduling, collection, labeling and shipping of environmental samples to the required laboratory.  Note that each database or project can choose which portion of the sampling program tools are applicable to them. For example, some users may only require the scheduling features, while others may only print labels.

The main tasks completed by the sampling program module are as follows.

1.        Building Staff, Bottle/Container and Lab Details lists (including the analyses performed by the lab).

2.        Build sampling schedules or programs by selecting intervals, the required analyses from step 1 and the frequency of the sampling. (Note – ‘one-off’  or unscheduled samples can also be logged)

3.        Create an ‘order’ list of samples due for sampling from which bottle labels can be printed

4.        Registering of collected samples and entering of any field information.

5.        Preparation of hardcopy and electronic chain of custody documentation for laboratory (optional)

As mentioned above, in addition to scheduled sampling programs, SiteFX can manage unscheduled ‘one-off’ samples.

In order to facilitate easy tracking of samples, samples are assigned a unique ID that appears on both sample labels and chain of custody documents when required.