SiteFX Options

SiteFX Options - Overview

Tool Location: Tools > Options

The Options form provides most of the options pertaining to SiteFX operation.

SiteFX Options - General Usage

The options form is shown below. 


Use check marks and drop down lists to select which options are to be used.

SiteFX Options - Features

Project Name

Use on some reports through SiteFX.

Show Work Log at Start

Opens a work log form at startup that helps the user track changes in the database.

Enable User Tracking

Enables high level user tracking of user changes to the database.

System Coordinates

Used to set the default coordinates for the database. When entering coordinate data, there is spot available for the original set of units. If the original set of units matches the units in this list, they will automatically be copied to the System Coordinates fields.

UTM Zone

Associated with System Coordinates.

System Depths

The units that all depths should be converted to.

System Elevations

The units that all elevations should be converted to.


A path to an image file that can be used on reports.

Manually rebuild ‘search by data’ list

One method of pulling out data involves first selecting the data parameter type you are interested in which will in turn tell you what locations have that type of data. When uncheck, this list is built ‘on the fly’ each time. For very large databases (or database over a slow network), this can be too time consuming to run each time. Checking this box will cause SiteFX to remember the lists. The list doesn’t get regenerated until the Rebuild Now button is pressed.

Automatically run conversion when necessary

For user who use SiteFX infrequently, one of the main stumbling block is remember to run conversion on the data. Having this option selected will run the conversion automatically or prompt the user more often to run the conversions.

Auto add parameters as new when necessary

When running the conversion, if SiteFX comes across a parameter it has never seen before it will automatically add the parameters as a new parameter. This is not always correct as the parameter may just be an alternate spelling of an existing parameter. Experienced user will want to uncheck this option. When uncheck, the user is prompted on how to handle the new parameter during the conversion.

Auto assign new sample types for loaded data when required

When loading in chemistry data, samples can be a mixture of samples and duplicates etc. When checked, SiteFX assigns the same sample type to all data. When unchecked, SiteFX does not assign sample types and the Data Validation tool can be used to do this.