Intro - SiteFX User’s Guide Overview

The first chapter (SiteFX Introduction) covers various miscellaneous elements pertaining to SiteFX such as installation, license information, copyright notices, etc.

The remaining chapters detail the various features and functions of SiteFX. These chapters are laid out in such a way as to be useful for all levels of users as well as to provide the quickest means for the user to access the information they require. For each feature, the section is broken down into the following categories.


The Overview section is a general, brief statement discussing the purpose of the tool or function you wish to use. No details are given in this section, just what the main purpose of the tool is and the result or outcome of using this tool.

General Usage

The General Usage section discusses in general terms how the tool is used. This section explains the general order that buttons are pressed or items are selected. Some users, depending on the function, will be able to stop here and figure the rest out on their own.


For complex forms, the Features section discusses in detail the various features and/or options found on the form.


The Notes/tips section contains tidbits of information that may assist you when using the various functions. In some cases, this information is for the power user, or for users who use a particular function frequently. If you are having difficulties, check this section.

Step By Step

The Step By Step section takes the user through the actual steps taken to perform a function. The Steps are provided in a generic sense so they can easily be applied to the users own project. This section may be omitted for very basic forms.