Unit Conversions

Unit Conversions - Overview

Tool Location: Tools > Reference Setup > Unit Conversions

The Unit Conversion form has two main functions. First, it is used to store conversions that are used during the loading of chemistry data using SiteFX’s data loading tool. Second, it provides all the conversion necessary to convert chemistry and criteria.

Unit Conversions - General Usage

The Unit Conversion screen is shown below.



Use the scroll bar at the far right to scroll through all the unit conversions in your database. The last row (the row with star) is there for a new record to be added. Type in the original units, the multiplier and the select the Project Units from the drop down list. If the Project Unit you wish to use is not present, click on the Project Units button and add it there. 

Pressing the Perform Conversions button will bring up the Conversion Options feature.  For further details on Conversion Options feature, refer to the Performing Conversions section.

Unit Conversions - Notes/Tips

·         All reporting is done in the ‘Project Units’ set of units. Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide what units they wish to work with.

·          In the database, the original value and units is always stored, along with the value and units in the Project Units. Conversion are always based on the original values.

Unit Conversions - Adding New Conversions

1.        Use the vertical scroll bar on the right of the form to scroll to the bottom of the list of conversions. The last row is always empty and ready to accept new values.

2.        Type in the Raw Data Units and Conversion Multiplier. Class can be selected from the drop down box. If necessary, fill in the comments section. Select the system units from the drop down list.

Note: If the Project Unit you wish to use is not in the list, press the Project Units button and edit the list.

3.        The new conversion is registered simply by clicking into a different row or closing the form.

Unit Conversions - Deleting Conversions

1.        Locate the conversion you wish to delete by using the vertical scroll bar on the right of the form.

2.        Select the grey box to the left of the conversion you wish to delete and press the delete key on your keyboard. A message box will appear asking you to confirm deletion. Press Yes to delete.

Unit Conversions - Activating/ Deactivating Conversions

When SiteFX converts data in the database, it will look to this table to see which conversions are active. To activate or deactivate a conversion simply check or uncheck the checkbox to the left of the conversion under the Use heading.