Time Based Data - View / Delete Data

Tool Location: Data > View / Delete Data

Time Base Data – View Data

1.        Open the "View / Delete Data" form.

2.        Press the Refresh List button to see the data files imported.

3.        Select a file by checking on the right side check box in Select column.

4.        Press the View Data button to open a new form called "Loaded File". It shows the data that was imported from the data file. From this form, the user can export the data into an Excel file.

5.        Press the View Header button to see the header section of the data file.

Time Base Data – Delete Data

1.        Repeat above 3 steps.

2.        Press the Delete button and choose Yes to confirm or No to not delete.

3.        Press the Refresh List button to refresh the data file list.

4.        Press Close button to close the form.