Location and Interval Types

Location and Interval Types - Overview

Tool Location:

Locations > Location Explorer > Add Location > Edit Location Type List (or Edit Interval Type List)


Tools > Reference Setup > Location Types (or Interval Types)


·         Also can be accessed on with the Add Mult-Level / Nest tool

·         Also can be accessed from the Location Editor form

These forms are used to display and edit the location and interval types which are currently in the system. 

Location and Interval Types - General Usage


SiteFX comes with a default list of location and interval types that can be edited and added at any time. This is done by pressing the Add button at the bottom of the list.  This brings up a record that says ‘New Location Type’ which can be edited to the type of your choosing by typing over it.  When editing, press the Add button again to add another entry or simply close the form.

Database Tip: These lists correspond to the R_Loc_Type_Code and R_Int_Type_Code tables in the database. Editing these tables directly in the data model is not recommended as it may cause conflicts with existing data.