SiteFX Introduction

Intro - Introduction

The SiteFX Data Management System (DMS) provides powerful and effective tools for managing earth science data.  Whether you have 10 locations or 100,000, SiteFX can reduce the time you spend bringing your data sets together so you can get what you need out of it faster. The main features of this system include:

·         data entry

o        efficient entry of data

o        import/ data loading utilities (spreadsheet, text files)

·         analysis

o        graphing

o        statistics

o        formatted reports

o        tables

·         sampling program management

o        sampling program builder

o        bottle label and field work form output

o        automatic paper and electronic chain of custody forms

·         flexible configuration

o        connects to a Microsoft Access or SQL Server database

o        multiple users can access the same database over a network

The system has been in production since 1998 and is presently being used to manage environmental data for a large variety of data sets including contaminated fracture rock sites, nuclear reactor sites, landfill sites, municipalities, and military bases.

SiteFX stores data in a Microsoft Access or SQL Server database.  This database is referred to throughout this document as either the ‘data model’ or ‘data database’.