Getting Started - Converting Databases

Getting Started - Converting Databases - Overview

Tool Location:

File > Convert Database or

File > Open (or Create New) Database >


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The convert database tool is used to convert a database from its existing format to the structure that is used with SiteFX (i.e. the EarthFX Data Model). Because of the complexity involved, only certain database conversions are available. If you have a database that you need converted to the SiteFX format, please contact EarthFX directly.

Getting Started - Converting Databases - General Usage


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The Convert Database form is shown below:


Start at the top of the form and work your way down. For detail information on a particular database conversion, please contact EarthFX.

Getting Started - Converting Databases - Notes/Tips


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Below are some notes and tips concerning this feature. SiteFX will notify you of any essential items during operation using a dialog box.

·         The length of time required to convert the database is largely dependent on the amount of data in the source database. Conversion of several hours is possible for databases with a hundred thousand or more locations. At times SiteFX may appear as Not Responding. This does not mean conversion has stopped.

·         Some source databases are dbf files. A dbf file is the equivalent of one table in an Access database. To convert dbf files, first create a new Access database and import the dbf files into it. This new Access database will become the source database for the conversion.

·         In order for SiteFX to convert your database, it must add some fields to the tables of your source database. Because of this you may want to run the conversion on a copy of the original database. Besides adding new fields, SiteFX will not harm your original database in any way.

·         When selecting a location for your new database, choose a local directory and not one across the network. You may wish to move your source database locally as well. Working locally can significantly decrease the time required to perform the conversion, however this is up to the users’ discretion. Move the databases to the network afterwards if required.

·         Make sure your source database is closed before starting the conversion.