Getting Started - General SiteFX Tips

There are few points worth noting that will make using SiteFX easier, in general, to use. These tips can be used throughout SiteFX where necessary.

·         When a date is required, double clicking in the area where the date is required will generally bring up a calendar. Double click on the day number will write that date back to the form field.

·         The windows shortcuts for copy and pasting text (ctrl+c and ctrl+v) are very handy.

·         In most cases, adding or modifying data is immediate. There is no ‘Save’ or ‘Save As’ functions. Backup your entire database using SiteFX’s backup feature if necessary.

·         Often the escape (Esc) key can be used to ‘undo’ the very last thing you have typed.

·         Use the backup function often when working with your database, especially before doing a lot of modifications to the database data.