Getting Started - Opening Databases in SiteFX

Getting Started - Opening Databases - Overview

Tool Location: File > Open (or Create New) Database

SiteFX must be told where the data database is. Once this linking process has been completed once, it does not need to be done again unless one of the following situations occur:

1.        If the data database name is ever changed, this function would be used to link to the new filename.

2.        If the data database is ever moved to a different directory, this function would be used to link to the new directory.

3.        If the user has more than one data database, this function would be used to switch between the two databases.

As new versions of SiteFX are released, new tables or fields may be required to be added to the data model. While re-linking, SiteFX will automatically make these changes.

Getting Started - Opening Databases - General Usage


Choose one of the four options by clicking on it, and then press the Open button.  A window may pop up prompting the user to select a database.  The progress meter within the Status box will light up while SiteFX is checking the selected database.

 When choosing the Select or Change Database option, another option called Database Structure Check is presented.  Turning this option on will strip all relationships and indexes from the database and rebuild them based on the supplied example data model.  Usually running this option is not required and it can also take several minutes to run.

Note: As you click on the four options, an explanation of the selected option appears to the right.

Getting Started - Opening Databases - Notes/Tips

·         In some situations, linking to a database may take several minutes, especially if the data database is located on a network.  If speed is an issue, check to see if you have the fastest network speed available.

·         Double clicking on the Select or Change Databases options present the user with a list of all recent databases that have been used.