Getting Started - Starting SiteFX

Getting Started - Starting SiteFX – Overview

Once SiteFX is installed, you will have a SiteFX desktop icon and it will also be added to your Windows Start menu. Start SiteFX using one of these methods.


Use the desktop icon called SiteFX, or

Start > All Programs > EarthFX > SiteFX > SiteFX

Getting Started - Starting SiteFX - Troubleshooting

·         When SiteFX is started it attempts to locate where Microsoft Access has been installed on your computer.  In rare cases, SiteFX cannot find Access and therefore starting SiteFX fails. In this scenario, the user must manually edit the sitefx.ini file so that Access can be found. To do this, manually enter the path to msaccess.exe in the “UserOverride” section of the .ini file.

·         For example, it would look like this:


Path=F:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\

·         In some cases, the desktop icons and start menu program icons are linked to the person who performed the installation. Therefore, if someone other than you performed the installation (eg. IT or computer services), you may not see the icons when you log on. If necessary, get the person who installed the software to give you the icons under your profile.