EarthFX software and tools are made for geologists, hydrogeologists, scientists, technicians and managers to effectively manage and analyze environmental data.

SiteFX 5.0

SiteFX is an environmental data management system used by municipalities, environmental consultants and industry scientists to:

  •     Add/edit locations and their properties (e.g., coordinates, type, geology, borehole construction, etc.)
  •     Enter and import any temporal data (water levels, chemistry, climate, etc.)
  •     Summarize and analyze temporal data with tables, reports, graphs and statistics
  •     Schedule and manage environmental sampling programs

SiteFX assists users to organize and manage their environmental data.  SiteFX strengths are the management of groundwater and water-quality data and all data is stored in a relational database.


VIEWLOG provides a truly integrated borehole data management and interpretation system. By tightly coupling a powerful borehole data editor with GIS-style mapping and cross-section tools, VIEWLOG offers an unrivaled level of visual interpretation control.

EarthFX Data Centre

The EarthFX Data Centre pulls all of our software products together in an enterprise solution. In addition to remote SiteFX access, major web based modules include the Lab Integration, Sampling Program Admin, Temporal Data Graphing and Viewlog Mapping modules.

EarthFX Data Model

The EarthFX Earth Science Data Model (EESDM) is the result of years of being applied to a wide variety of real studies where the storage of environmental data is a key component.  This Data Model is the tables, fields and relationships that make up a database and is fundamental to both effective analysis and having the data outlive the end of the project.


VIEWSEIS is an integrated system that covers all aspects of seismic refraction analyses using either the Time-Intercept, Delay Time or Generalized Reciprocal Method (GRM).  Functions include arrival-time modelling, first-break picking, layer assignment, velocity analysis and depth migration.